Finnish Design Shop x Fabian Lück

Since moving to my new apartment, I had a precise idea of how I wanted to furnish and design it. I wanted to have a clean, but sometimes also with a special twist.

To achieve this, I paid particular attention to materials and shapes. You can find more impressions in form of visuals below and also the direct links to the products.

For this realisation, I teamed up with Finnish Design Shop. During the further planning, we decided…


OLYMP Outfits 2019 – Favorites

The current year is pretty much coming to an end. And also in the last months, I was allowed to work with OLYMP again, so many many very cool outfits were created with shirts, ties or knits.
Enclosed you will find my favorites – be it from summer, autumn or winter. To a great year 2020!





In collaboration with OLYMP.
In Zusammenarbeit…



Since moving to my new apartment, I had a precise idea of how I wanted to furnish and design my living room. Inspired by Pinterest, as well as other platforms, I was always very fond of having the coffee table as the central point of the room. In other words, the coffee table sits directly in the center of the room, offering four possible sides for seating.
Since the room is a little longer, I went with seating on two…

BRAUN Hamburg x Fabian Lück

Modern Dandy


Coat – Eleventy
Suit – Brunello Cucinelli
Shirt – Finamore
Tie – Brioni




Coat – Lardini
Knit – 04651/
Trousers – Dondup
Bag – Valextra

Urban Explorer


Coat – Tagliatore
Knit – Bruno Manetti
Trousers – Neil Barrett


In collaboration with BRAUN Hamburg.
In Zusammenarbeit mit BRAUN Hamburg.

Here you will find my previous blog post.


New Apartment – New Dining Room

For quite some time now I have always wanted to have my own dining room. I feel it’s a very central room. For one thing, I spend a lot of time there when I do home office work.
On the other hand, it is also a direct contact point for visitors. Be it a delicious snack with friends, a festive meal with the family, or a nice get-together for drinks.



Menu – Snaregade Table, Round, Ø 138 cm, oak veneer stained…