• Nov 13, 2019

Since moving to my new apartment, I had a precise idea of how I wanted to furnish and design my living room. Inspired by Pinterest, as well as other platforms, I was always very fond of having the coffee table as the central point of the room. In other words, the coffee table sits directly in the center of the room, offering four possible sides for seating.
Since the room is a little longer, I went with seating on two of the four sides so now I have the couch on one side and two lounge chairs on the opposite side.


I was particularly impressed with the minimalist and clean design of the SYDE TABLE from MYCS, being a marble top table I wanted for so long. Here MYCS offers (among many other materials) 3 different types of marble. Black marquina, white carrara and brown emperador.
The white Carrara fitted the best with the brushed stainless steel frame, which is why I specifically chose this combination.




In collaboration with MYCS.

In Zusammenarbeit mit MYCS.

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