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Oktober 2018

Beard Care

Wet or dry shaving?

Anzeige/Ad | Shaving is a topic which, like my skin routine, is a part of my everyday life. This is because shaving primarily is about maintaining a well-groomed appearance and feeling good. Nevertheless, it also has a direct effect on the skin. By shaving incorrectly or using the wrong utensils, small pimples can develop. One can easily cut themselves shaving or even seriously injure themselves.

When I started shaving, I just grabbed a wet razor, pasted my…


My Skin-Care Routine

My Skin-Care Routine
Anzeige/Ad (Markennennung) | A subject I’ve wanted to share with you for some time is my skin care routine. Firstly, because I am sure that my experience and the associated tips can help many of you out there and secondly it is a part of my daily life. For several years I have had to fight with impure skin. 
When it began, it certainly had something to do with puberty. Most of the teenagers have unclean skin. This…

Through the Lens

Through the lens of the KP
Anzeige/Ad | For the past months, I have been including elements of street photography into my content. In my opinion, they contain so much inspiration whether it comes from architecture, cafés or public places. Especially when I travel I love to wander through foreign cities, often absolutely disoriented and simply capture the moments and individual places as they are. Whether hot or cold – sunny or rainy. The moment itself is decisive for me and can…



Tortue Hamburg
Anzeige/Ad | Some time ago I met again with Creative Director Nico Tijsen during his stay in the Hanseatic city. While our conversation, he told me that he stayed in a rather new hotel in the middle of the city – the Tortue Hotel. Until then, I hadn’t heard anything at all about it. So I looked it up and was super positively impressed. To get an even better impression, I spent one night in one of their…