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Since moving to my new apartment, I had a precise idea of how I wanted to furnish and design my living room. Inspired by Pinterest, as well as other platforms, I was always very fond of having the coffee table as the central point of the room. In other words, the coffee table sits directly in the center of the room, offering four possible sides for seating.
Since the room is a little longer, I went with seating on two…


New Apartment – New Dining Room

For quite some time now I have always wanted to have my own dining room. I feel it’s a very central room. For one thing, I spend a lot of time there when I do home office work.
On the other hand, it is also a direct contact point for visitors. Be it a delicious snack with friends, a festive meal with the family, or a nice get-together for drinks.



Menu – Snaregade Table, Round, Ø 138 cm, oak veneer stained…

First Step

First Furniture
Now it was time. The move into my new apartment is almost complete. I have to say that this one was quite uncomplicated if you consider that I was just moving on one street. However, this step, this one street, was a big one. THE step into the first own apartment. Crazy, right? 

This moment, when you come home and no one is waiting for you. Exactly at these moments, it makes you realize you’ve lived with someone all…

Updated Interior

Catch a glimpse of my new interior design.
Anzeige/Ad | New month, new interior. Okay, I’ll be honest – that would be too much work! But do you sometimes get the feeling that you have to change everything in your room or apartment? Sometimes I absolutely need to just ‘repaint’ the walls or rearrange everything. And that’s exactly how I felt a few weeks ago. So let’s get into my updated interior!

First of all I have to say – I…

Mein Interior

Mein Interior
Anzeige/Ad | Dies ist wohl mit Abstand der Post, auf den ich am längsten hinarbeiten und Ihr warten musstet. Doch durch meinen Umzug vor einigen Monaten habe ich ganz bewusst mit einem Post rund um meine große Vorliebe, dem Interior Design, gewartet.

Raus aus der Provinz und rein in die Großstadt. Zwar war ich auch schon vor meinem Umzug gefühlt jeden Tag in Hamburg (Arbeit, Freunde, Freizeit), doch nun ist es endlich amtlich – ich bin Hamburger. Im aufschwingenden…