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St. Peter-Ording with PENTAX

Escaping the heat.
Anzeige/Ad | A few days ago we went to the beach of St. Peter-Ording. This time, however, the beach wasn’t made unsafe by car. We wanted to escape the heat of the city, due to the very hot summer this year. I don’t want to complain about that fact, this summer is incredible, but even sometimes unpleasant when in the city.
So, Filippo and I decided to take a little break and enjoy our lives on the beach.





Second Home – Rügen

Rügen Island
Why would I call the island of Rügen “my second home” and why do I feel so connected? Especially with the place Binz?

Well, we visit the island for many years. It all started when I was very young. At that time, it was always about a two weeks stay and it was the “annual holiday” that everyone waited for. Meanwhile, we go there from time to time for a few days. However, it is always a great trip…

Exploring Lombardia

Welcome to Lombardia
Anzeige/Ad | At the beginning of June, I travelled to the region Lombardia. Together with Hannah and Marit, I spend 4 days there. Every single day we drove to another great place to see different facets. I can say in advance – I absolutely fell in love with the beauty of this region. If you plan a trip to that lovely place of earth, I can recommend you to see and experience the following things.


Visit the old town of…

San Pellegrino Terme


Welcome to the QC San Pellegrino Terme.
Anzeige/Ad | On the first day of my 4-day trip through the region Lombardia, I stopped in the small community of San Pellegrino Terme, where I spent the night as well. After a day full of walking, relaxation was at the very top of the day´s schedule.



Just 3 minutes footpath separated me from the hotel to the therme. Or should I say more to paradise? No no, that’s absolutely not over the top….