• Jul 28, 2018

The double-breasted blazer

Anzeige/Ad | For a felt eternity, I’m searching for a double-breasted blazer. When I started looking for a suitable one, I seldom found any. The first one I saw at ‘Suitsupply’ in Hamburg, which was a bit overpriced in my opinion. Over time, I noticed that more and more brands and online shops began to sell double-breasted blazers. The only problem was that most of them were absolutely cruel. So I put this topic aside, due to the fact that there were simply no wearable ones at the market for some time.

By coincidence, I found this wonderfully fitting blazer online and ordered it immediately. Believe it or not, it was so perfect right from the start that I didn’t even think about a second bringing it to the tailor.



Do you know that when you have a new piece of clothing and scan your entire wardrobe in your head, just to find out what possibilities of combining there are? Exactly, the same happened with this blazer. 

Of course, you can wear it with a lot of different shirts and pants rather in the field of business or casual chic, like I did in that case. However, I also tried many outfits in the area of streetwear and casual. For example, I combined a pair of black jeans with Dr. Martens boots and a loose-fitting T-shirt in black or white. The fact that it is itself a rather „simple“ piece, the possibilities of the combinations extreme.



  1. Blazer: Tiger Of Sweden
  2. Shirt: Olymp
  3. Trousers: Massimo Dutti
  4. Shoes: Vagabond Shoemakers
  5. Tie: Olymp
  6. Pocket Square: Hugo Boss




Photos by Jennifer Harnack.



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