Updated Interior

  • Apr 14, 2018

Catch a glimpse of my new interior design.

Anzeige/Ad | New month, new interior. Okay, I’ll be honest – that would be too much work! But do you sometimes get the feeling that you have to change everything in your room or apartment? Sometimes I absolutely need to just ‘repaint’ the walls or rearrange everything. And that’s exactly how I felt a few weeks ago. So let’s get into my updated interior!

First of all I have to say – I live together with my sister and brother-in-law. I have one main room to myself where I can have everything how I want it. In my recent blog post, the one in which I wrote about my interior design for the first time, my focus was more on the workplace and wardrobe.

Now I wanted to change that and put more focus on my bed. So let’s start with the key piece – naturally, the bed! It is a boxspring bed by IKEA. And I think it is one of the first ones IKEA ever built. It’s actually quite a funny story how I came to own it. I think 1 or 2 years ago I exactly wanted one of those beds and took a look at IKEA. I saw that they were having a sale and the bed was with 50% off. So far so good, or at least that’s what I thought. Now came the problem, there was just one bed left. Namely the floor model, which was on display in the entrance hall. In addition, I was told that the bed had to be disassembled and sold that very day. However, you couldn’t reserve it or even pay for it immediately. So the rules were very simple: Whoever comes first gets the bed. So I went down to the entrance hall and sat down on the bed to claim it. I sat there for a full 6 hours! In the end, I got the bed and I’m still very happy about it.

For my nightstand, I have decided on the ‘New Orleans’ bed cabinet by Rivièra Maison. This results in a beautiful image in combination with the light grey box spring bed. What I particularly like about the bed cabinet are its cupboard doors. With much devotion to detail, the bedside table was made of acacia wood. Furthermore, there is this typical little Rivièra Maison logo, which is incorporated below as a small extra detail into the wood.



Do you also know these beautifully decorated beds in hotels with what seems like hundreds of pillows? I wanted to recreate this kind of hotel characteristic at home. So that’s exactly what I did! With five pillows ranging from big to small and a ceiling size of 220 x 240 cm, every night is just heavenly.

Also, I feel my lamp strengthens that kind of hotel vibe. It kinda reminds me of what I would find in a beautiful little parisian hotel.



I definitely couldn’t live without a few flowers or plants in my room! They have such a positive impact on how I feel every day. In my case, I added a big bouquet of lilies near my bed. They give me a wonderful feeling when I get up every morning. I especially enjoy seeing them slowly blossom.

In my workspace, I have a few palm trees and two succulent plants. I planted these in concrete pots, which let the fresh green shade of the plants stand out a little bit more.



My workspace hasn’t changed that much in comparison to my last interior blog post. I still place great importance on clear structure and order. Everything has to be in its place. Yeah, it may sound a bit strange, but that also affects my way of working. Less mess on the table just helps me to keep a better overview and clearer mind while working. That’s why I try to avoid everything that has no real benefit in the end. Except for flowers and candles of course. For example, I have a beautiful set of candles by Cosman Interior.


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In collaboration with Rivièra Maison, Cosman Interior & DESENIO.


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