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It´s my birthday – yeah!
Anzeige/Ad | Yep, the day has come once more. Today is my birthday and what should I say? Am I feeling older or „wiser“, if you like to call it that? Nooo – I don’t. And I think that’s the same with everyone. In the end, I think, age is just a number. But I have to say, on these days I think a lot about my past, my family and how I grew up….

Louis Vuitton

SS 18 with Louis Vuitton

 Spring | Summer 2018
Anzeige/Ad | So guys – the thermometer is slowly starting to exceed 20 degrees regularly! I am sure that each one of you greet the summer with open arms. So do I. What does the beginning of summertime symbolize, but an absolute feeling of happiness? Vibrant colours! It’s time to leave behind the dull autumn and winter clothing and jump into the more colourful world of summer.



The Hawaiian
The key piece of the look is definitely the…

Band Of Outsiders

True, authentic, humorous.
Anzeige/Ad | The iconic menswear brand from Los Angeles offers a complete wardrobe. Their goal is to support each individual every single day. With what you ask? With humour and inclusivity! They invite you to be part of something. You could even call it an invitation to the BAND OF OUTSIDERS.





The inspiration for the collection includes Southern California, America, Hollywood and Pop Art. They especially put a focus on a high standard in quality and on the…

Three ways with Olymp

Three ways with OLYMP.
Anzeige/Ad | Guys, when it comes to menswear I put sometimes a lot of emphasis on brands have been around for a long time. One such brand is OLYMP which has been around since 1951. In addition to a great story behind the brand, there is also the quality that has been perfected over a very long time. You can practically feel the 67 years of experience in every single design.

I tried out several different pieces…

The Culotte

The Culotte

In Milan´s midst.
Anzeige/Ad | As some of you have already seen, nearly a week ago I spent a few days in Milan. I was mainly there for the world’s biggest eyewear exhibition – the MIDO optical fair. It was quite amazing to see all the different frames made out of many varied materials. While attending I had the chance to shoot this look with Patrick Langwallner, a photographer from Salzburg, Austria.

The look I had chosen that day was very…