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  • Jun 17, 2018

Welcome to Lombardia

Anzeige/Ad | At the beginning of June, I travelled to the region Lombardia. Together with Hannah and Marit, I spend 4 days there. Every single day we drove to another great place to see different facets. I can say in advance – I absolutely fell in love with the beauty of this region. If you plan a trip to that lovely place of earth, I can recommend you to see and experience the following things.



Visit the old town of Bergamo

On our first day, we visited the old town of Bergamo, the capital of the province Bergamo. The narrow streets are ideal for relaxed walks. Along the city walls you have a great view over the countryside and on clear days you can even see outlines of Milan.

This small city has an incredible and significant history, which I wasn’t aware of when we entered the city the first time. In addition, the Venetian walls of Bergamo have been a UNESCO World Heritage since 2017.



Relax at QC San Pellegrino Terme

Starting at Bergamo, we travelled to the next destination – San Pellegrino Terme. This is a small municipality located in a valley and surrounded by mountains. The QC San Pellegrino Terme is by far one of the greatest thermal baths I have ever stayed at. Besides its great taste for design and its high quality of wellness, it offers a fantastic outdoor area, where you can enjoy the view perfectly.


Caught the sunrise at San Pellegrino Terme

In San Pellegrino Terme I wanted to capture the sunrise with my drone. When I looked at the weather forecast, I was happy to discover that the predictions for the next day were perfect. 100% sun – 0% clouds. I woke up at 4:30 am and went to discover a takeoff place. The only problem: I had absolutely no idea where to start the drone to have a good view of the sunrise. Besides, I didn’t really want to fly the drone into one of the power pylons that ran all over the mountains.

At the end I walked for more than an hour through the small town to find a good takeoff place. After several attempts, however, I was successful and found a small path, which led along a hill to a small hut. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first because I didn’t know if someone was working or even living in the house. As I came closer, I realized that I ran in a hut with some sheep and there was no one to see so far.

I climbed up the hill with big anticipation towards the drone flight. Honestly, it wasn’t that easy, because the grass was incredibly slippery due to the morning dew. When I got to the top I prepared everything. The only problem was that I had no flat space where I could start the drone. After the first attempt, the propeller caught in the grass and the drone didn’t make it into the air, at least for a few inches – my mood didn’t reach its peak yet haha. Through the loud noise of the drone and the panic beeping of my remote control, several dogs suddenly started to bark. I felt slightly caught and got a little panic-stricken (what a twist). I grabbed the drone and climbed up the mountain a little further, hoping to find a flat spot. I left my remaining camera equipment at half height of the hill.

On the second try, the drone actually got into the air. However, a loud warning resounded again, because too many trees were around me. As I was about to land the drone I noticed that someone was driving up the hill on a motorcycle. Two thoughts shot through my head. First: I can’t let the drone fly anymore. Second: all my equipment is located at half height of the hill, where the motorcyclist goes straight to. I didn’t hesitate for a second and ran downhill. When the man spotted me, I lost control and slipped on the wet grass – it was so unpleasant haha!

After I got up again, he told me from afar that it was his house. I wanted to explain to him that I just wanted to let my drone fly. That got a little complicated since he didn’t speak any English at all. With the help of google translator and broken Italian, I finally managed to explain everything. The end of the story: I let the drone fly from his house and he kept looking over my shoulder because he was so excited about it. As well as me.


Biking through the nature of Lovere

From San Pellegrino Terme we drove about an hour through beautiful mountain landscapes to Lovere. We arrived in the small community we drove along the Lake Iseo for a while – just fantastic. Our goal: meeting our bike guide on a specific place in the mountains. With his guidance, we drove through the breathtaking nature of Lovere, along large meadows, with unbelievably wide views of the valleys, and through various sections of the woods. It was more than worth it! We saw a big variety of the countryside and even got more bounded to the nature with her beauty. At the end, it was just so much fun!



Drive to the island of Monte Isola by boat

After a super exciting bike tour and a delicious lunch right at the Lake Iseo, we took a boat and drove over to the island of Monte Isola. There we went for a long walk, exploring the island. An interesting fact: on the island only the inhabitants are allowed to drive with scooters and cars may only be driven by selected people – for example, the doctor.


Wine tasting in Franciacorta

On the penultimate day we stopped in Franciacorta at Bersi Serlini. There we had the opportunity to look behind the scenes of the production and the ripening process. We walked through the large halls of the wine cellar and finally stopped at the big plantations with the berries. Right after that, we had just an excellent wine tasting with little treats.


Boat trip at lake garda

On our last day, we made a small boat tour over the Lake Garda. Not recommended for seasick people, because the waves are very strong. I didn’t mind it though, so this tour was a great experience as well!


In collaboration with Regione Lombardia.



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