How to Knit

  • Nov 23, 2018

How to knit for the cold season.


Round Neck 

Super classic and in my opinion the easiest to combine – the round neck sweater. For example, you can wear it perfectly with a shirt and tie in your everyday working life. However, it is just as suitable for combining it in a more casual way. Simply thrown over a t-shirt, it can start already. As the cut and style of this sweater are rather reserved, you can experiment with colors a bit more and be creative.

Here you can shop the beige round neck sweater.


Turtle Neck

Just as classic – the turtle neck sweater. Whether thin, thick, fine or coarsely knitted. This kind of knitwear always has that certain something. Especially good to wear with coats, but also blazers & suits in general.

Also here you can play perfectly with colors. I think that especially in autumn and winter you can wear brown and beige tones very well.

Here you can shop the brown turtle neck sweater.


Knitted Vest

The knitted vest I‘d see in the Casual Friday section. It offers unbelievable comfort and a chic appearance is maintained at the same time. In my opinion, it also fits perfectly into the cold season. On the one hand, it keeps, of course, a bit warmer  – on the other hand, it also has this special autumn/winter flair.

Here you can shop the grey vest.


Cable Knit Sweater

The cable knit sweater is one of my favorites. The many different possibilities of the patterns deserve special mention. Whether small and even or opposite larger and coarse patterns.

Here you can shop the grey cable knit sweater.


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In Zusammenarbeit mit OLYMP.

Photos by Jennifer Harnack.

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