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OLYMP Outfits 2019 – Favorites

The current year is pretty much coming to an end. And also in the last months, I was allowed to work with OLYMP again, so many many very cool outfits were created with shirts, ties or knits.
Enclosed you will find my favorites – be it from summer, autumn or winter. To a great year 2020!





In collaboration with OLYMP.
In Zusammenarbeit…

Knitwear Guide

How to Knit

How to knit for the cold season.

Round Neck 

Super classic and in my opinion the easiest to combine – the round neck sweater. For example, you can wear it perfectly with a shirt and tie in your everyday working life. However, it is just as suitable for combining it in a more casual way. Simply thrown over a t-shirt, it can start already. As the cut and style of this sweater are rather reserved, you can experiment with colors a…

Three ways with Olymp

Three ways with OLYMP.
Anzeige/Ad | Guys, when it comes to menswear I put sometimes a lot of emphasis on brands have been around for a long time. One such brand is OLYMP which has been around since 1951. In addition to a great story behind the brand, there is also the quality that has been perfected over a very long time. You can practically feel the 67 years of experience in every single design.

I tried out several different pieces…