3 Ways – Boat Shoes

  • Mai 8, 2018

3 ways I would combine boat shoes.

Anzeige/Ad | When I think about summer, I think of hot days, walks at the beach or through the city and just a good and enjoyable time. Further, when it comes to fashion, I also think about boat shoes. Maybe because I wear those for a few years since my younger age. Happy us – the summer finally has arrived. That’s why I’ll show you three ways to wear different boat shoes regarding model and colour.



  1. Shirt: Mennace
  2. Trousers: COS Stores 
  3. Boat Shoes: Timberland
  4. Beanie: ASOS



  1. Shirt: BOSS Orange
  2. Jeans: ZARA
  3. Boat Shoes: Timberland



  1. Shirt: Selected Homme
  2. Trousers: Dr Denim
  3. Boat Shoes: Timberland



In collaboration with Timberland.

Photos by Jennifer Harnack.



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