• Mai 29, 2018

AUDI Q7 e-tron

Anzeige/Ad | Nearly a month ago I had the chance to test the AUDI Q7 e-tron. Auto Wichert provided me with the opportunity borrow their car for a few days. I was able to test the Q7 in the city, through the city roads, as well as in the countryside. One particular day I drove to the Baltic Sea too with a good friend of mine. I had the opportunity to really understand the vehicle and its technology that was featured throughout the car.

Audi itself is very familiar to me. My first car was an Audi A1 with which I was really happy. I gave it away about a year ago because I just do not really need a car in the city, where I now live since a year.
But I was all the happier when I heard that it was going to be an Audi Q7. And not just a Q7, but an e-tron. The topic of environmental friendliness, as well as e-technology, has never been so much discussed as it is currently. Even more important to deal with that a little earlier, because let’s be honest – that will be the future.

Generally, I have to say that I’m the type of guy who likes a car to sound good (well-powered engine etc.) and the feeling it gives me. I was very curious, how my opinion regarding e-technology will be after these days.







Let’s start with the exterior. First of all, I’m an incredibly big fan of SUVs. I just love to sit so high and have a bigger overview of everything. First point for the Q7. But at the same time, I can also say that he would be too big for me. At least for every day´s city traffic.
On the other hand, it was just perfect for the trip to the Baltic Sea. Especially the long drive was very comfortable and easy to deal with – which may also be due to the massage function into the seats. Back in the city, you had noticed again, what you drive for an incredibly large and long car. Therefore I would rather recommend the Q3 or Q5 if you should not do without an SUV.

Furthermore, what I really really love about the car, is its boxy and compact shape. Especially the angular proportions I find outstandingly well done.






I was really excited about the interior of my former Audi A1. However, he definitely can´t keep up with the Q7.

The interior was mostly kept in a dark colour scheme, except for a few details. It resulted in a beautiful symbiosis of different materials. On the one hand, different types of leather, such as Alcantara or Valcona leather. These were supplemented with a dark wood, which was mostly processed in the dashboard.
Where we are ever at the dashboard, it was like a spaceship. Big and super cleaned up. It had a great overview of all the function and information, supplemented by many operating options, which are increasingly designed for touch operations.

The first time I drove the car in the evening, I was surprised by another thing. The ambient lighting. It may not sound too spectacular, but I was more than positively surprised. Selected areas of the car were enlightened by a pleasant shade of blue.





We come to the next, if not the most important and most crucial point, the e-technology. Was I particularly impressed by the model e-tron and would I buy such a car in the current state?

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed because I expected something more. Very important: this is mainly based on the term. After half a day in the „battery hold“ mode, where fuel is used mainly to save electricity, the battery was already dead. Of course, you have the opportunity to drive to the next charging station. In addition, I had the appropriate charging cable in the trunk. However, in my opinion, half a day is simply very weak.

On the other hand, I am also very pleased with the ride itself. To hear no noise of the engine and to be able to enjoy absolute tranquillity when driving a car was better than I would have expected.





In collaboration with Auto Wichert.

Photos by Jennifer Harnack.



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