Philips S9000 Prestige Shaver – Review & Update

  • Mai 31, 2019

Anzeige/Ad | At the end of last month (April) I was invited by Philips to participate the celebration of “80 Years Of Male Grooming“. This went over 2 days and took place in Amsterdam.



Day 1: The first day started in the afternoon/ evening in the Rijksmuseum. After we were warmly welcomed, a guided tour through the halls began. Besides the art of the artist Rembrandt, we also looked at various shavers by Philips, which go back many many years – 80 years.



Very often, attempts were made to create a certain symbiosis between the two themes. I liked this a lot because you could see the shavers as well as the artwork from different angles. The tour ended in a large hall, where several beautifully decorated tables already waited for us. During the evening there was a multi-course menu, which was simply amazing!




Day 2: The second day started a bit earlier – around 9 o’clock. The plan was to drive to the production halls where Philips shaving innovations are developed and shaver heads are produced. However, these are not directly in Amsterdam, but lie 1 1/2 hours outside, in Drachten. After the long drive, with a stop at the headquarter, we arrived at the “holy“ halls. After a short introduction into the history and the terrain the tour started. The first razor we took a closer look at was the S9000 Prestige. And I can only say: WOW!

Unfortunately, it was forbidden to take pictures (understandably), so I can’t give any further insights. However, it was absolutely amazing to see how many and elaborate steps were behind the production of this single razor. Exactly the same with the OneBlade, which we looked at afterward. This precision, which already starts with the production and is completed with the usage. The return journey was as long as the outward journey, which is why we had to get back to Amsterdam relatively quickly. We ended the day relaxed in the center of Amsterdam before we drove back to the airport.


In the end, of course, some feedback on the current status with the razors. Not much has changed in the actual procedure. I still use the OneBlade for trimming my beard and the S9000 Prestige for the subsequent clean shave of the cheek and neck area. What I have noticed over time, however, is that I feel this subject much more as a kind of ritual. I’m always really happy when I can shave everything nice and clean again after a few days. On the one hand, it looks naturally more groomed, but on the other, you simply feel much better what I love!

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In collaboration with Philips.

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