Special Welcome in London

  • Nov 6, 2018

Explored London together with Blacklane

Anzeige/Ad | Our flight to London, exactly 2 weeks ago, left extremely early – 6.40 am. In addition, I didn’t even sleep an hour the night before, because I thought I could go through the night easily … that was a mistake (haha)!

I was extremely exhausted and the early flight didn’t make it any better. Arrived in London, however, we were received in a very special way – first class. Blacklane has sent one of their best cars (BMW 7 Series) so that we had the opportunity to experience the best possible Blacklane experience.




So, it went from the quite narrow airplane directly into a softly padded limousine. And that for 5 hours. Yes, we had the opportunity to drive across London for 5 full hours. From Piccadilly Circus to Tower Bridge and on to Notting Hill. We had the free hand over any route. Our first goal, however, was to get to the next Starbucks for a breakfast to-go!





In collaboration with Blacklane.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Blacklane.

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