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Felanitx – Favorite Look

This look is one of my absolute favourites of my last holiday in Spain. I especially like the combination of tie, vest and hat. On the one hand it looks very chic and elegant. But this is also defused by the coloured accents and the slightly cropped jeans.


In collaboration with OLYMP.
In Zusammenarbeit mit OLYMP.

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Fall Preparation
Anzeige/Ad | It’s starting… The temperatures are sinking again and the sun is hiding once more than in the past weeks. My favorite time is about to start – autumn and winter. That’s why I’m highly motivated to change my wardrobe once more. The all too often worn shorts and Birkenstock sorted away and equipped with new knitwear, coats, and boots. I love it!

To be honest, the colder seasons in the form of clothes never really disappeared from…



It´s my birthday – yeah!
Anzeige/Ad | Yep, the day has come once more. Today is my birthday and what should I say? Am I feeling older or „wiser“, if you like to call it that? Nooo – I don’t. And I think that’s the same with everyone. In the end, I think, age is just a number. But I have to say, on these days I think a lot about my past, my family and how I grew up….

Band Of Outsiders

True, authentic, humorous.
Anzeige/Ad | The iconic menswear brand from Los Angeles offers a complete wardrobe. Their goal is to support each individual every single day. With what you ask? With humour and inclusivity! They invite you to be part of something. You could even call it an invitation to the BAND OF OUTSIDERS.





The inspiration for the collection includes Southern California, America, Hollywood and Pop Art. They especially put a focus on a high standard in quality and on the…

Im britischen Stil

Im britischen Stil

Oversized, Prince of Wales-Karomuster und lang bis zu den Knöcheln.
Anzeige/Ad | Ich habe mir einen neuen Mantel zugelegt. Und nein, es ist nicht der gefühlt dritte, schwarze und normal geschnitte Mantel. Ich habe Ausschau nach etwas Anderem gehalten. Etwas, was man nicht allzu oft auf den Straßen, zumindest hier in Hamburg, sieht. Es ist ein, in oversized geschnitten und mit Prince of Wales-Karos gemusterter Mantel. Lang – und zwar sehr lang! So lang, dass er mir knapp bis zu den Knöcheln…