THE perfect sweet potato fries – Philips Airfryer XXl

  • Sep 28, 2018


How to – sweet potato fries.

Anzeige/Ad | It’s all about the crisp outer and super fluffy inner. THE perfect sweet potato fries. This topic about sweet potato fries has spread around like a forest fire – extremely fast and continuous! Either you find the crispy alternative on every second menu in a restaurant – or it is the guests who demand it. I have to admit, even if this was not the case in the past, I love the tasty little things as well. So much so that if I had the choice, I would never choose the regular fries again. Except for the combination with truffles, but that’s a completely different subject again… 😉

But what am I getting at – what exactly is behind it and how do you get it so incredibly crispy at home as well? Because it’s not quite as simple as peeling potatoes and putting them into the oven. I took a little time and cooked a recipe that I found with which the sweet potato fries, in any case, become a full success.

The all-important device at my side: the Airfryer XXL from Philips. In the framework of the #makelifebetter campaign, I am able to test the Airfryer a little more detailed. So where better to take a closer look at it than with the sweet potato thing.






To the Airfryer:

It has to be said in advance that the Airfryer can do a lot more. For instance frying, grilling, cooking and baking. Yes, even baking! However, there will be a second recipe in the direction of Christmas, which will focus more on this area.

It is even possible to cook several things at the same time. The Airfryer comes with a cutting disc, which can be easily used before preparing your dishes independently. This is, of course, also supported by the high capacity of 1.4kg.

Further ideas and recipes can even be found in Philips own app – the NutriU App. There you can share your recipes and inspire each other. You can download the app at iTunes (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Optically, however, it is also a bit of an eye-catcher. Especially the digital display and the QuickControl rotary wheel for navigation look extremely high-quality. In addition, it must be said – it is not a device, which one has evenly times so in the kitchen stand. This is related to the size because it is certainly not small. For this reason, for example, when not in use, I have it on my refrigerator.

This is by no means a negative point because, on the other hand, I know exactly what I get for it – super tasty food. However, anyone who wants to purchase the Airfryer should be aware of it.



In collaboration with Philips.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Philips.

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