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Exploring Lombardia

Welcome to Lombardia
Anzeige/Ad | At the beginning of June, I travelled to the region Lombardia. Together with Hannah and Marit, I spend 4 days there. Every single day we drove to another great place to see different facets. I can say in advance – I absolutely fell in love with the beauty of this region. If you plan a trip to that lovely place of earth, I can recommend you to see and experience the following things.


Visit the old town of…

San Pellegrino Terme


Welcome to the QC San Pellegrino Terme.
Anzeige/Ad | On the first day of my 4-day trip through the region Lombardia, I stopped in the small community of San Pellegrino Terme, where I spent the night as well. After a day full of walking, relaxation was at the very top of the day´s schedule.



Just 3 minutes footpath separated me from the hotel to the therme. Or should I say more to paradise? No no, that’s absolutely not over the top….

Armani Silos

ARMANI / SILOS – 40 Years Of Armani Fashion

A glimpse into Giorgio Armani’s world.


Anzeige/Ad | Upon arriving at the hotel in Milan where I stayed a few days, I had to wait a few hours for my room to be ready. So I had a little bit time to kill. I grabbed my phone and looked for anything exciting in my location. I figured out that the Armani Museum was not even 5 minutes away. Very funny because I’d actually always wanted to go…

Over the german alps en route to Milan

Over the German alps en route to Milan.

Discovering Milan for the first time was such a great and memorable trip. Like I mentioned a few articles previously, I was there for the MIDO optical fair. Nevertheless, I had a lot of free time outside of the exhibition which I could spend freely. Through the trade fair, I got to know a few people with whom I discovered the city of Milan together. It was such a great time exploring…

The Culotte

The Culotte

In Milan´s midst.
Anzeige/Ad | As some of you have already seen, nearly a week ago I spent a few days in Milan. I was mainly there for the world’s biggest eyewear exhibition – the MIDO optical fair. It was quite amazing to see all the different frames made out of many varied materials. While attending I had the chance to shoot this look with Patrick Langwallner, a photographer from Salzburg, Austria.

The look I had chosen that day was very…